Nova Microblading Pigments


Nova Microblading Pigments


5 Basic Colors that will allow you to match all  eyebrow colors

  • Dark Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Golden Brown
  • Blue Stop


Use it within 1 year after opening for microblading. Keep it in cool and dry place.

Shake well before use.

Professional use only.

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Dark Brown

Ideal for dark skin and dark natural hair color. Can be mixed with the Blue Stop to add warm affect if the client has cool skin tone.

Medium Brown

Ash Based and lighter than Chocolate. Ideal for medium brown to olive skin tones and medium brown to dark brown hair colors. Can be mixed with Light Brown or Blue stop to create a more toned down color.

Light Brown

Gold Based brown which makes it ideal for natural blonde hair colors and light skin. Can be used with Medium brown for dark Blonde colors or Blue Stop for cool tone skin color.

Golden Brown

Good for light to red skin tones. Ideal for a red natural hair color. Can be mixed with any other shade of brown to achieve the perfect color tone.

Blue Stop

Ideal for adding warm affect to pigments for those clients with cool skin tone. Ideal for blue and gray eyebrow color correction.