*Microblading is not what we do, it is the only thing we do and a little bit of extra...  You get what you pay for <3


"Pool proof, gym proof, child proof, husband proof, everything proof.."

3D Microblading                                            $450    

Shading with Machine                                $450

Combo (Microblading +Shading)             $650
*The combo is perfect for anyone with little
to no eyebrows)   

-First Touch Up                                     $75                                                                                                                (between 6-8 weeks)

-Additional Touch up                          $75+   

(after your "first touch up" up to 9 months)                                                                                                           

-Nine Month Touch up                        $175     

(if you have never touched up since Initial treatment)                                                                        

-One Year Touch up                             $250

(if you have never touched up since Initial treatment)                                                  

Eyeliner (Permanent Makeup)

Lip Perfection (Permanent Makeup)

"Go Smudge Proof!

Upper Lid                                                                  $250

Lower Lid                                                                   $250

Designer Lids                                                  $300+

Touchups                                                           $75          


Due to high appointment demand, all appointments require a $100 deposit to secure a booking. Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferable to reschedule an appointment. The amount will be deducted from the final cost.

"Finally, a long-lasting, proven lip enhancement..."

Fuller Lips Combo – Lip Liner & Stain                $525 (lets correct your symmetry and shape)            

Lip Liner                                                                               $250

Lip Ombre                                                                          $475  (gradual fading technique, lips get lighter as we fade into the middle of the lip)

Touchups                                                                             $125


We accept cash and all major credit cards (Visa / MC / Amex). Unfortunately, debit cards are not accepted at this time.


Please read  OUR POLICY page prior to booking for information on cancellations, rebooking, missed appointments, etc. 

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