What should I expect from Microblading

What to expect from Microblading

We are all guilty of over grooming our eyebrows. Years of threading and tweezing will take its inevitable toll. When it comes to natural looking eyebrows, you can try to pencil and powder them with the best products out there but when you wake up the next day you have to do it all over again. Are you tired of trying all sorts of eyebrow grow serums, oils, even Latisse (FDA approved treatment for lashes, but not effective on eyebrows)? Microblading is the ultimate natural looking eyebrow solution. 

 Permanent Makeup 3D eyebrow tattoo

Permanent Makeup 3D eyebrow tattoo

What's Microblading? 

Microblading is a form tattooing process sweeping up the world of permanent makeup. It's a semi-permanent solution for women in need of eyebrows. It's safe, virtually painless and effective. We use state of the art microblades designed specifically for eyebrows. The blades are dipped ink than are ran through your eyebrow, they only cut through the upper layers of the skin and deposit the ink. The fine opening the blades create allow us to create magnificent Fine Strokes that look stunning and natural. 

The Procedure

Our permanent makeup artist will start with a consultation to see if microblading is a good fit for you. Once we have determined your skin type, medical history, and hair strand color we'll design the eyebrows based on your facial features to suit you and your preferences. 

Is it painful? 

Everyone is different.  Anyone who already has a body tattoo will tell you that Microblading discomfort is nothing compared to that of a generic tattoo, lowering the discomfort level of Microblading.  For those who have no tattoo experience, they compare the pain to that of excessive tweezing, paper-cut, waxing. 

Touch ups

Yes, touch ups are needed in 95% of the cases. Why? Your skin gets irritated during the procedure, and it becomes very hard for the artist to give you the perfect eyebrows in one session. In some instances, even 2 or 3 touch-ups are required, depending on your skin type and extent of strokes required for your brows. The general rule for touch ups; we recommend you wait at least one week for the skin to absorb the ink to see the full layout of your brows and between 2 to 4 weeks for them to fully heal. 

DO NOT Freak out

Can't say this enough.  Your "new" eyebrows are new to you, and the first couple of days they are going to look twice dark and thick as they are set to do so.  Yes, you will have bold eyebrows, but rest assure that once settled they will look like your very own strokes. We tag team with you to come up with the perfect brow for your face. (Think of us your personal brow council, it's all for the greater good "Your eyebrows to look as natural as possible"). Usually after 2 to 3 days of people complementing you on the new look.  ( We are humbly confident in our work)

It Costs too MUCH!

For a lot of us, Microblading is a necessity.  We recommend you do your research on our site and outside of it.  Feel confident about it, save the money, and then book your appointment. 

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