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Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Dictionary

3D, 4D, or 6D Brows

Your very own Metro Detroit eyebrow tattoo artist uses multiple ink shades to add dimension to you hair strokes. 3D means using three ink colors or needles to draw multiple hair strokes with depth. Same meaning for with 4D, 5D, and 6D.

 3D Eyebrow Tattoo - Microblading Michigan

3D Eyebrow Tattoo - Microblading Michigan

Color Correction

Just like any artist, we like to work with a blank canvas. When clients come in with eyebrows that were tattooed before by another artist, it makes the job a lot harder for us.  When we tattoo over the already-inked skin, the results are unpredictable, and we can't guarantee the best results. Color correction is tougher on every artist, but we do make exceptions for some clients. We ask everyone who's had microblading done somewhere else to submit photos before we can schedule them in. 


 A fancy word for microblading and eyebrow permanent makeup.


Feathering is usually a combination of hair strokes, and shading usually applied with a digital pen and can be painful. Lucky for you, we do only fine hair strokes that look natural. 

Hair Strokes/Micro Strokes

The most natural technique, we have perfected it. Makes your eyebrows look full and gorgeous. Just picture your eyebrows "always filled in." No more expensive eyebrow pencils.  Get up and go!

Powder Fill

Outdated and no definition, we don't perform this technique, and we don't recommend it. Did we mention is really painful too, as it is applied with a tattoo machine. 

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